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Big data for small institutions


By John Roberts, co-founder and President, Open University of West Africa.

Is big data a useful tool either for small or medium educational institutions as well as for the larger ones? What are the benefits? Is there any downside? Check the short video below and get John Roberts’ reflections about those issues according to his own experience as a president of the Open University of West Africa (OUWA). Roberts’ contribution would not have been possible without the kind collaboration of the TEDxBarcelona Education event.

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About the Question
Are Big Data & Analytics shaping a smarter society?

Every day we generate a huge amount of big data, but we need to resort to analytics to make abstract information meaningful and get valuable knowledge from it. In education, learning platforms let us easily gather an immense quantity of data regarding students’ behaviour, interactions, preferences and opinions. When properly analysed — through learning analytics — all these data might provide useful insight on how to make learning processes more adaptive, attractive and efficient.

Are these techniques allowing us to provide better support to our students? Are we taking advantage of big data and analytics to help shape the citizens of the future?

Big Data and Simheuristics